Precision Marble and Tile

85 Delmark Blvd Toronto ON

Precision Marble and Tile offers you complete installation services from A to Z, we know it all. Heat your floors and say good bye to cold floors. Heated floor systems today are very easy to have installed today. They can be installed anywhere in your home and will work on any type of flooring, such as Ceramic, Marble, Granite, stone, Hardwood and even Carpet. Our services include laying the heating rolls and applying a protective skim coat of thin set cement. This will protect from against any damages or pinching of the thin wires that would cause a malfunction. Tests are done after the installation of the wires, making sure it is working before the spreading of the thin set cement or mortar in order to avoid any having to tear out the floor after the work is completed. If there is a break down in the heating system after the floor is completed, there are devices that detect the area where the problem is. This will enable us to repair only the area which needs fixing.