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You get what you pay for... sometimes

By: Sharalynn | December 2, 2016

We have been returning customers after several years and upon our most recent purchase been disappointed in the customer care. The store has some great prices on tile, as long as you know what to look for, but dealing with the aggressive sales staff or the ones that are seemingly clueless has made me question whether we will be returning there again. It really seemed like most customers in the store were a pain in their behind, and getting the best quote as a contractor was almost excruciating. And be forewarned of all final sales of clearance stock as well as full priced!

Tile Shoppe

3414 9th Street SE 34 Ave at 9th SE just east of Blackfoot trail Calgary, AB

category: Tiles - Retailers

Very Bad Service, Lack of Knowledge

By: deubion | December 1, 2016

I had order my stuff with one of the associate with rep no. 1950, i had clearly given him the amount and the material i need, invoice is been made and i proceed to the back while im waiting, i had notice wrong charging so i head back again in front to check with them... at first they said it was right, but i insist its wrong caused the charges doesnt make any sense.. till they found out that i was charge twice.. so they make a full refund and given new invoice, heading back again at the back, after loading the rest of material, found out that they are giving me wrong material... they check it with the associate, and come back to me that the material is benn sold already.. waste my 2hrs in the store, load my stuf and at tge end needs to refund everything.. well i guess its really true that you get what you pay for...The store is actually good but the staff who doesnt have enough knowledge on their job, make the store worse..

Tile Shoppe

3345 Laird Road Unit 1 403 and Dundas St W Mississauga, ON

category: Tiles - Retailers

Great Experience!

By: Melissa | November 30, 2016

Lenn went above and beyond my expectations in my long quest for a specific porcelain tile. Upon calling the store (before store opening hours I'll add) to inquire about how many tiles the store had available, he cross checked what the computer system stated by physically walking up to the area and counting the boxes for me and immediately offering to reserve the amount I needed. You could tell he's a guy who is always willing to go the extra mile for his customers. Great customer service and knowledge on the products!

Tile Shoppe

1279 Kennedy Road Ellesmere & Kennedy Scarborough, ON

category: Tiles - Retailers


By: unitedpages | September 28, 2016

I'm a retailer who has contacted SOHO tile numerous times and each time they have told me that I a sales representative will come to ,my store on such a day and time, but no one comes then they tell me info is sent and nothing comes. So if they can not take care of their dealers just imagine their service to their customers

very disappointed and still waiting for service

Soho Tiles

15 Connie Cres Unit 24/25 Concord, ON

category: Tiles - Retailers

Extremely Unprofessional

By: FrancescaP | July 13, 2016

I made a call this afternoon to enquire about one of the services this company
has and to offer a free service to help them drive more traffic to their website.
Before I was even able to explain the reason for the call, the elderly gentleman
who answered the phone was extremely rude, cut me off mid sentence and
hung up the phone on me.
This is not the way to do business or to have people recommend one's business.
I actually know someone who is looking to replace all wet areas in their 5,000
sq. ft home and was looking for a reputable company. Based on this very rude
gentleman, I would never subject anyone to having to deal with these type of

Infinity Flooring

467A Robertson Road P.O. Box 11066, Stn. H Ottawa, ON

category: Tiles - Retailers Flooring - Retailers Carpet - Retailers


By: non-member | June 3, 2016

My wife and I had been spinning our wheels for weeks visiting the big box stores and various tile shops struggling to figure out suitable tile options for a major bathroom reno. About 20 minutes of help/ideals and inspiration from Dionne and using their wide selection of great products, we now have a coherent way forward. The reno starts in July. We cannot thank you enough Dionne & Tile Town.

No hesitation recommending these guys.

Tile Town Ltd.

11080 Bridgeport Rd #100 Richmond, BC

category: Tiles - Retailers

I would recommend Ceramic Tile World

By: rodneyheckler | March 1, 2016

I have been remodelling my bathroom and I found the perfect tile on clearance. This tile store really had a great selection of tiles. The usual drawback of buying clearance tile is that you have to buy the entire batch. Ceramic Tile World let me buy the perfect amount needed for my renovation saving me time and effort. The sales guy was really helpful. I recommend coming here first before going to some big box home improvement store as the selection and prices are some of the best I’ve seen.

Ceramic Tile World

25 Bermondsey Rd East York, ON

category: Tiles - Retailers

Terrible Service -

By: non-member | February 2, 2016

Bought our bathroom tiles and delivery in spite of extending delivery date! when tiles did finally arrive it was incomplete. Contacted store and guy at store keep giving me the run around about getting tiles. Even if you decide to still shop there and they mention on calling you back for what ever reason..Don't hold your breath!!
To add to misery I had to return unused items I purchased, low and behold it took over two weeks to process my refund when they...constant calling and waiting on zero call backs....Save yourself the agony..go shop somewhere else where you are considered a value customer......

Keramin Canada - Tile Style

4400 Dufferin St, Unit B2 North York, ON

category: Tiles - Retailers

Giulio Martino - Verona tile

By: Giulio | January 19, 2016

This is in response to the careless and false accusations made about me by the individual who stated I am a horrible individual. I would like to start by saying I did not use any vulgar language towards this woman nor would I to any woman. I am surrounded by women in my family, two daughters, a wife, a mother, sister, mother and sister inlaws etc. The incident in question was a silly traffic issue and yes tempers were high, but again, I did not and will not ever say these things to another woman. I am not going to start blaming or go into specifics about what this individual said to me, but I was made out to look like a monster. My personal and professional life speak for themselves. I have been in business for many years and have nothing but great reviews, wether it's from homestars or the better busines bureau. This is a case of cyber bullying and an individual blowing a situation way out of proportion to try and tarnish the image of someone else. Thank you.

Giulio Martino
Verona Tile

Verona Tile

Toronto, ON

category: Tiles - Retailers


By: EDWARD | December 9, 2015



Tile Shoppe

8707 Jane St Jane Street and Rutherford Concord, ON

category: Tiles - Retailers

Customer Focused!

By: Shawn de Lestard | October 6, 2015

The owner, Seyit, and his folks at the Tile Shoppe are really good to deal with! They care about what I want in searching their very impressive inventory of tile and flooring. They have excellent pricing, better than home depot and the like, but with a lot of buying options. Go see them if you are looking to redo your home or office and want a great deal with a great look!

Tile Shoppe

17019 105 Avenue 170 St NW & 105 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB

category: Tiles - Retailers

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